My Brother Fucked My Girlfriend Silly (GAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Karate girl and her boy friend were doing work out together at her parents gym. She had strong-will and well-trained body (and big tits), also she was good at dealing child who came to gym. Someday, elder brother of boyfriend had came to gym. He was rude and lazy...

Bound Submission – The Day the Aikido JK Lost (Nanonan Pavilion)

The heroine is the master of Aikido (kind of japanese martial arts). The cuckolded guy and heroine got started their relationship from this summer. That day, he had kidnapped by some group and She got call from his phone….

Konnawatashide yoinonara (aisunoa)

She bullied by classmate female, so she have been attending the school infirmary instead of classroom in this half year. The boy is helping her to come to school by playing game with her. One day he decided to proceed their relationship to next stage.

Lastful Berry (Syd Meat)

Situtation Heroine (Hisako) and cuckold (Shunichi) were two of three school friends group. They became lovers and ...

TONARI NO KANOJO (Neighbors girlfriend) – Yumemiru Otome (AIUEOKA)

The heroine reported him that she had be scouted as idol. But he made her as fool as usual from his underestimate for her as school friend. They had small argue and she left from his house. After an week, he received the DVD.

After story – Kakusei Kanojo (Takenoko Seijin)

The story started from 4 months later after their broke up. Heroine and cuckold started to have relationship 7 months ago and they broke up with small argue 4 months ago. After that cheeter (university student) stole her from him and trained her as hard masochist. Eventually, the cheeter got tired of her and dumped her to cuckold.

Black Lagoon – Yukio

“Black lagoon” is popular comic related to the mafia in south east Asia. One Day, they intervene the contention among yakuza in Japan. Heroine was a boss of some small yakuza party. Cuckold was bodyguard of her.The party involved the contention and she was abducted by the other enemy party.

Unsweet Ai Inoue (Aji Tanaka / Namakemono Kishidan)

Ai(Heroine) intended to visit her boy friend Shunsuke (cuckold) that night to proceed their relationship. Yasuo(cheeter) call her to some room in school to show her the photo, it displayed Shunske smoking. He threated her and robed her virginity.