Gallery : NTR in winter

This page introduces some works by the theme "NTR in winter". I hope you enjoy it. Intention for the Gallery. Thi...

NTR Comic: Study abroad at Seattle – Thin erotic comic(J9 Revue)

Situation The heroine is going to abroad to study at Seattle, her boy friend see her off at the airport with mixed ...

The Boring Sex with Him (Satsuki Kurokane)

The wife was bored with his sex, cause he didn't care about her satisfaction. One Day, their common friend Hiromasa had came to their house. When her husband went out for chores, She exposed him the feeling from stress about night life with husband. Hiromasa offer her to make her satisfied instead of husband.

My Brother Fucked My Girlfriend Silly (GAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Karate girl and her boy friend were doing work out together at her parents gym. She had strong-will and well-trained body (and big tits), also she was good at dealing child who came to gym. Someday, elder brother of boyfriend had came to gym. He was rude and lazy...

Bound Submission – The Day the Aikido JK Lost (Nanonan Pavilion)

The heroine is the master of Aikido (kind of japanese martial arts). The cuckolded guy and heroine got started their relationship from this summer. That day, he had kidnapped by some group and She got call from his phone….

All I just did was peeping her smartphone 2(Chokoro)

The heroine had slept with out no care, the cuckold guy found her smartphone beside her. He took it and open it without guiltiness... It had record about an relationship with the other guy.... This story is after story from she woke up...

Konnawatashide yoinonara (aisunoa)

She bullied by classmate female, so she have been attending the school infirmary instead of classroom in this half year. The boy is helping her to come to school by playing game with her. One day he decided to proceed their relationship to next stage.

Supplements for “NTR”

I think the most important factor of "NTR" is psychological trauma stress for characters. Following table is the method to classified from "NTR" and the other propensity.