Supplements for “NTR”


Differentiates from “BSS” , “Affair”, “Ra*e” and “Purityfags”

NTR (Netorare) contents have a long history in Japan(Almost 1,000years).

But, we sometime can’t find appropriate contents from NTR genre on some site due to vague definition of “NTR”. Especially, “Affair” or “Ra*e” are confused with “NTR”. “BSS” seems good to consider as a part of “NTR”:)

I think the most important factor of “NTR” is psychological trauma stress for characters. Following table is the method to classified from “NTR” and the other propensity.

* BSS is acronym of Japanese sentence “Boku ga Sakini Sukidattanoni”, it can be said as lighter NTR. : Urban Dictionary.

“NTR score” of this site is based on following table.

FactorsNTRBSSAffairR*pepurity fagsExamples of Factor
Description for relationship between cuckold and heroineschool friends, colleagues etc
Description for relationship between cheater and heroine×In school, In workplace
Psychological trauma stress for characters.×Shame, feeling of loss, Fear etc
Maliciousness of cheater.×Threating, Manipulating, Training
Intercourse scene
Heroine virginity×
Love relationship with cuckold and heroine×
〇 :Required ー:Optional ×:No need