Tainted Memories – My Beautiful Girlfriend Gets Corrupted -(Touketsu Slope)

思い出は汚される – 美人な彼女が堕ちるまで (トウケツ)NTRコミック
SituationShe was a neat and beautiful university student.
Her school friend supported her to be a queen of campus.
They had been had a long relationship from high school.
One day she attended the party after school festival then she fainted due to drunk.
Female CharacterCute and neat university student girl
Relationship with cuckoldSchool friend
NTR Rating 5 / 5Starts



[Spoiler warning]




NTR Rating breakdown★: Story line before NTR.
★: Psychological trauma stress of Female character.
★: Psychological trauma stress of cuckold.
★: Maliciousness of cheater.
★: Duration of activity 🙂
ReviewThey showed her the shameful scene of last night. She had be stolen by them. They disposed many used condom on her body. She couldn’t remember any part of them.
They made her to be naked and forced her self introduction in front of cameras.