After story – Kakusei Kanojo (Takenoko Seijin)

Situation The story started from 4 months later after their broke up.
Heroine and cuckold started to have relationship 7 months ago and they broke up with small argue 4 months ago. After that cheeter (university student) stole her from him and trained her as hard masochist.
Eventually, the cheeter got tired of her and dumped her to cuckold.
Female Character Cute JK with short hair
Relationship with cuckold Platonic relationship, they broke up with small argue
NTR Rating 5 / 5 Starts


[Spoiler warning]




NTR Rating breakdown★: Story line before NTR.
★: Psychological trauma stress of Female character.
★: Psychological trauma stress of cuckold.
★: Maliciousness of cheater.
★: Duration of activity 🙂
Review Due to completely training from cheeter, the heroine has been feeling delight to be called as “Semen tank”.
She got lost her mind so she couldn’t feel shame.
After that she gradually get back her mind, so she get start to feel shame and guilty…