About this site.


Hello, I’m Kenny. This site contains rating and review for some contents related to NTR (defined as following : NTR is abbreviation of Japanese slang “Netorare”), Almost of all contents might only have Japanese version (If you want to have the other language version of them, please comment it).

Netorare : dictionary.com
NTR: urbandictionary.com

Netorare meaning Japanese : japaneses-hobby

If you are under age in your country, you must not view contents in this site. And If you don’t have the propensity of NTR, you’ll have heavy psychological trauma from those contents.

The rating for each NTR contents accumulate following score, 5 star is MAX.

NTRscore :

  1. Story line before NTR.
  2. Psychological trauma stress of Female character.
  3. Psychological trauma stress of cuckold.
  4. Maliciousness of cheater.
  5. Duration of activity 🙂

You can find “Supplements for NTR” here.

I recently felt that BSS and WSS should rate by another score so, I add following score.


  1. Story line length before NTR.
  2. If it described the regret feeling on cuckold and heroine or not.
  3. If cheater knew the relationship with cuckold and heroine or not.
  4. Maliciousness of cheater.
  5. Duration of activity 🙂

Photos and Artworks are quoted from DLSite and Amazon and FANZA. If you feel any trouble on this site, please inform me it via comment.

Kenny / 2021 Fall