My Brother Fucked My Girlfriend Silly (GAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

兄貴に食べつくされた俺の彼女 (がはははははは!)5NTRコミック
SituationKarate girl and her boy friend were doing work out together at her parents gym. She had strong-will and well-trained body (and big tits), also she was good at dealing child who came to gym.
Someday, elder brother of boyfriend had came to gym. He was rude and lazy…
Female CharacterCute but strong JK.
Relationship with cuckoldSchool friends > Girl friend
NTR Rating 4 / 5 Starts

My Brother Fucked My Girlfriend Silly

[Spoiler warning]




NTR Rating breakdown★: Story line before NTR.
★: Psychological trauma stress of Female character.
☆: Psychological trauma stress of cuckold.
★: Maliciousness of cheeter.
★: Duration of activity 🙂
ReviewBoy friends elder brother sliped something into the drink for the heroine when boy friend go out for his business. She had faint, She made to be naked and raped.
When she realized that she was took movies by camera.

She gradually fall down on his hand, even though her strong-will…

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My Brother Fucked My Girlfriend Silly