All I just did was peeping her smartphone 2(Chokoro)

SitutationThe heroine had slept without care, the cuckolded guy found her smartphone beside her. He took it and open it without guiltiness…
It had record about an relationship with the other guy….
This story is after story from she woke up…

He could see her smartphone again 3 days after 1st episode. He got back some peaceful days from the messages….
Female CharacterCute and Unintentionally funny
Relationship with cuckoldGirlfriend
NTR Rating 5 / 5 Starts

All I just did was peeping her smartphone 2

[Spoiler warning]




NTR Rating breakdown★: Story line before NTR.
★: Psychological trauma stress of Female character.
★: Psychological trauma stress of cuckold.
★: Maliciousness of cheeter.
★: Duration of activity 🙂
ReviewFew month later, he found some message on his smartphone, it cause same doubt to the heroine as before….
He couldn’t stop to peek her smart phone again. It made him to be suffered huge regret more than before.

Author tried to describe emotional movement and behavior to share cuckold’s feeling frustrated with audience. and It succeeded.
You’ll be able to share his feeling real-time.
Definitely, This is the best NTR contents in this year…

If you haven’t read 1st episode, you should read it first.

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