Konnawatashide yoinonara (aisunoa)

こんな私で良いのなら (アイス発電所)BSSコミック

Situation*Caution* This contents was classified as BSS not NTR.

She bullied by female schoolmates, so she had been attending the school infirmary instead of classroom in this half year. The boy was helping her to come to school by playing game with her. One day he decided to proceed their relationship to next stage.
Female CharacterCute but Weak JK
Relationship with cuckoldSchool friends.
BSS/WSS Rating 3 / 5 Starts


[Spoiler warning]




BSS/WSS Rating breakdown★: Story line before NTR.
★: If it described the regret feeling on cuckold and heroine or not.
☆: If cheater knew the relationship with cuckold and heroine or not.
☆: Maliciousness of cheeter.
★: Duration of activity 🙂
RevieThat day, the other boy came to school infirmary. He complimented her shape and size of tits. She gradually recovered her confidence by conversation with him. Eventually, they did intercourse at infirmary.

The cuckolded boy needed to have some confident to proceed their relationship before, but he didn’t. He will feel some regret, that feeling might be core of BSS. I’m feeling myself became addict on it.

Classification and definition of BSS and NTR is here.